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Our Commitment

Our Story

At Atelier Keen we consider ourselves to be a “slow brand”, focusing on the idea of offering consumers to buy less but buy better.Our philosophy is producing high quality, sustainably-made products. We strongly believe that gone are the days of selling products in bulk (that is why we sell everything in single packs (besides spoons).
With fifteen years of experience in the nursery industry, we set ourselves to create a brand that changes our ideals of consumption, and we want to set a good example - to set out as a game changer in our industry, which is commonly driven by fast consumption, throwaway products, and usage of fossil fuels (petroleum-based ingredients).
That is why we at Atelier Keen constantly strive to replace conventional materials with more sustainable and safe materials that have no harmful impact on children.


Timeless Design

Our timeless design is a big part of our sustainability thinking and that is to create products that last not just for this season, but for years to come. We have created a collection of contemporary tableware that visually appeal to adults while designed for children. It is uncluttered, simple and stylistically pure with a reference to classical Scandinavian design. And best of all, like most Nordic design, they will never go out of style.

100 % BPA Free

In recent years, silicone has grown in popularity and is considered one of the safest food-grade materials. The absence of phthalates, BPA and other harmful chemicals in silicone is one of the reasons we consider silicone a better alternative. Our products are made from 100% food-grade silicone that meet EU requirements for food contact and safety. Additionally, you can be confident that our silicone material is produced without any fillers and will not leak any chemicals or microplastics into your child's body, no matter how much you heat or wash them. Our products are BPA, PVC, lead, cadmium, phthalates, and formaldehyde free.



When you buy our high-quality silicone products, you can be confident that they will hold the test of time and the cost per use will justify the investment. They will not warp, break, crack or get chipped compared to other materials, giving silicone products a long lifespan making it more sustainable. This durability together with our idea of gender-neutral colours makes our tableware perfect for handing down to your next child or to the next generation.

Responsible Packaging

Using environment-friendly packaging, eco-friendly ink, and eliminating single-use plastic from our packaging is a major priority for us. With the increase in plastic pollution, there is now a greater need than ever for packaging to be sustainable throughout its lifecycle and we want to be a player in the world of tomorrow when it comes to sustainable packaging. For that reason, we have chosen to work with the eco-friendly material kraft.
Produced from all natural ingredients, kraft paper is one hundred percent biodegradable and organic. It is so safe that you can dig it directly into the soil if you want and you do not need to bother about the ink being dangerous, it is soy-based ink (instead of petroleum-based). Likewise, we use kraft packaging tape, and recycled, compostable tissue paper and recycled note cards. We have also decreased the size of each parcel to minimize the risk of transporting air and offer carbon neutral shipping when available. Our package suppliers are certified with various certifications like ISO 14001, SGS or FSC certifications.


Charity or Social Responsibility

We all need to play our part in whatever way we can, and giving back to our community is baked into everything we do. We partner with various social and environmental charities throughout each year. One project we have is volunteering in cleaning Stockholm’s beaches from plastic and we encourage you to take a walk to collect plastic pieces locally near you. Interested in joining us next time we are on the hunt for plastics?
We are also a socially conscious business, and it is our great pleasure to give a part of our profit to support the fantastic work of Majblomman. Majblomman is a non-profit organization with the mission to decrease the impact of childhood poverty in Sweden.


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