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Zoom Tiny Table Topper
Zoom Tiny Table Topper

Tiny Table Topper

195 kr

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Highchair tray sticker for suction plates/bowls

Do you have a highchair and none of your well invested tableware with suction will stick on to the tray? Are you struggling to get them to continue sticking on to the tray? Air finding its way in and gradually releasing the hold?

This can be a common problem and it’s not much of a secret anymore. But for those who didn’t know, some highchair trays, like the Stokke Tripp Trapp, have a textured and porous finish that makes suction bowls/plates impossible to stick on to.  This is obviously nothing you can see by the naked eye, but for us with experience, we know this is a common issue and we´re here to help you out! We know the struggle!

With our easy-to-apply, long-lasting transparent sticker, it transforms your textured tray surface into a smooth one so you can properly use your tableware with suction. Our sticker is the best all-round solution for you, so look no further! Now you can say goodbye to unwanted spills and upturned dinners!

 Please note that this sticker is a one-time application product. Once it is removed, it can´t be used again.

For optimal results, make sure to follow our application instructions below or watch our provided video attached. 


  1. Clean the tray/table surface using a soft sponge with soap and water. Make sure you rinse the tray/table surface thoroughly with water until there is no soap or residue remaining.

  1. Once the surface is dry, we kindly ask you to wipe the surface with the provided alcohol wipe to really make sure the last traces of grease and dirt are gone.

  1. Pour water (about half a cup) on the surface and place the sticker on the tray, over the water. The water will allow you to adjust and reposition the sticker. You can lift the sticker and move it around until you find the perfect placement. Ensure you´re not placing the sticker too close to the curves of the tray. It should be placed on the flat area of the tray. If you don't place it on the flat area, then it may cause bubble/gap at the edge of the sticker which is no good ☹.

  1. Once the sticker is properly positioned, remove any excess water with a cloth. Now you want to remove any air/water bubbles from under the sticker. You want to make sure it is completely flat by stroking the surface, from the centre and working you way outwards using your fingers first.

  1. Remove wrinkles or air bubbles with a squeegee. It´s now important to really flatten the sticker out so all the bubbles come out, even the last drop. Use the provided squeegee or plastic card wrapped in a soft cloth or (ideally a microfiber cloth) and once again work your way from the centre and out toward the edges to smooth out any remaining air or water bubbles. Then take a dry cloth and once again press down the edges of the sticker and remove any remaining water.

The trick is to make sure you push out as much water as possible. This procedure can be repeated until there is not a drop of water coming out from underneath the sticker´s edge. Press really well, but please grab the tray underneath so you don´t break it.

  1. To seal the sticker well, use a hair dryer with the low temperature to warm the sticker (a few minutes). The heat softens the sticker, which can help it adhere easier. But this step is optional.

  1. Do step 5 again, that is using the plastic card wrapped in a soft cloth and dragging it from the centre to the edges to get out the last drop of excess water from under the sticker.

  1. Using the suction cup right away could weaken the seal. Avoid putting anything or applying pressure to the sticker right after you put it up. Give the sticker a chance to set so it holds firm. Let the sticker settle for minimum10 hours before use, but ideally 24 hours.

  1. Now your tray is ready for some action!



    • Made in Sweden
    • Seamlessly blends with your tray since it is transparent
    • A must have product for Stokke Tripp Trapp, also fits:
    IKEA- Antilop
    Stokke Tripp Trapp
    Stokke Steps
    Bugaboo Giraffe

    • Dimensions: 13 x 4 cm
    • The sticker is a one-time application
    • Measurement: 34x16,5 cm
    • Material: plastic with plastic adhesive
    • A must-have product for Stokke Tripp Trapp
    • Seamlessly blends with your tray
    • Leaves no marks on plastic surface
    • Using the suction cup right away could weaken the seal. Avoid putting anything or applying pressure to the sticker right after you put it up. Give the sticker a chance to set so it holds firm. Let the sticker settle for 24 hours before use.

    • Dimensions: 13 x 4 cm
    • Always use this product with adult supervision
    • Throw away at the first sign of damage or weakness
    • For optimal results, make sure to follow our application instructions
    • Do not apply to surfaces that will get damaged by water like a wooden table
    • How to clean: Wipe it with a cloth in between use - the same way you would clean your high chair tray. Use a mild dish soap for cleaning, avoid the use of harsh or abrasive cleansers.
    • Please note, it is not dishwasher-friendly.
    • To remove it: just peel it off. However remember that this product is a one-time application sticker

    Tiny Table Topper

    195 kr

    We've made this product


    Free of BPA, PVC, phthalates, lead, cadmium and other hormone-disrupting chemicals.


    When you buy our high-quality silicone products, you can be confident that they will hold the test of time and the cost per use will justify the investment. They will not warp, break, crack or get chipped compared to other materials, giving silicone products a long lifespan and making them more sustainable. This durability together with our idea of gender-neutral colours makes our tableware perfect for handing down to your next child or to the next generation or for upcycling.

    Not All Good Things Must Come to an End

    When properly cared for, your Atelier Keen products will last for years but they´re also great to upcycle! By prolonging the lifetime and usage of each product, you’ll lower its environmental impact significantly. It´s always better to keep them in use and give them a second life! Here´s an idea! How about stocking your toddler’s play kitchen with a set of outgrown tableware for their imaginative play. They can pretend having a coffee shop and having tea parties serving they’re very important guests (stuffed animals). Remember, they’re even dishwasher safe, in case your kid happens to eat a real snack off them, too.


    Alongside our passion for design, we are also committed to helping underprivileged and disadvantaged families and children. A generous part of our profit will be donated to the Swedish organisation Majblomman and their important work.


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