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Yet another FAQ!

And whilst you are juggling your hands and time between caregiving demands, work, family, some “me” time, trying to make sense of skyrocketing inflation rates and costs of electricity, do you really have the time to go through 89 questions and find the right one for you, assuming it is exactly what you wanted to ask! No you don’t.

So leave it to us to proactively answer your questions, and any answers you don’t find, due to the fact that we are NOT mind readers, please just call us, or email us… That is, if, and only if, you don’t want to read our comprehensive website, or refer to Chat GPT and the likes…..

We are here to help you….. contact us and I´m sure we can help you out. To contact us, either call us at +46700233037 or email


Are you a Swedish brand?

Yes we are! We are based in lovely Stockholm.

What are your products made of?

100% food grade silicone, free from BPA, phthalates, lead and PVC. The water bottle´s handle is of PP. Everything else is of silicone.

Are your products safe for use in the microwave?

Yes, all products except for the spoon and cutlery. But why would you even want to put them in the microwave?

Is it OK to sterilize your products?

Yes, absolutely.

Are your tableware dishwasher safe?

Yes they are, we recommend to put them on the top shelf of the dishwasher.

What's the age range for your products?

Typically, we recommend from six months to four years old or so, but each child is different. If you want to use our products already from 4 months, it´s basically up to you (and your little one).

Do you use single-use plastics?

Using environmentally friendly packaging, eco-friendly ink, and eliminating single-use plastic from our packaging is a major priority for us. The FSC-certified and recycled paper we use cost more than plastic packaging and mailers, but most plastic isn't recycled, and we don't want our packaging sitting in a landfill for the next 500 years.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are responsibly manufactured in China, in a small factory.  All our suppliers have signed a Code of Conduct that ensures ethical and fair working conditions for employees without discrimination in relation to race, age, gender, or disability. 

Do you give back to charity?

We give a part of our profit to support the Majblomman project. Majblomman is a non-profit organisation with the mission to decrease the impact of childhood poverty in Sweden.

Why are there spots on the products after a dishwasher cycle?

These are water spots, just like the ones that show up on drinking glasses. They tend to be more obvious if you have hard water. you can use one of those store-bought rinse aids if you want, but we've had excellent results by pouring a splash of vinegar into a container and leaving it on the dishwasher's top rack while the cycle runs....voila no more spots! For more information on how to care for silicone products, please read our Care and Safety section. How to get rid of spots on silicone.

Are your products recyclable?

Yes, they can be recycled at selected locations and is considered a non-hazardous waste.

Shipping questions

Is shipping really 39kr within Sweden?

Yes, absolutely!

How much does shipping cost within EU?

If the total order value is below €100/£90 within the EU, the shipping fee is a flat rate of €10, regardless of weight or size.

Besides Europe, which other countries do you ship to?

We offer shipping to USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Returns questions

Do you really offer a 30 day refund policy?

Yes, we offer a 30-day period in which you have the option to return an item.

How do I return an order or a product from an order?

Send the product(s) that you wish to return together with the return form that you received with your order. One your parcel is all packed and sealed, send it to this address or just use the handy little address label from the return form we sent you.

Atelier Keen AB
Kungstensgatan 9
SE-114 25 Stockholm

How do I get in contact with you customer service?

We´re always here for you! Contact us by phone +46700233037 or by email If you´re on Instagram, then send us a DM and we will for sure get back to you.

Boy, this was a long FAQ!

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