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Fine Dining

The story of Atelier Keen started 2020 when we researched the market and realized that it was very difficult to find just simple neutral tableware for children that wasn´t in loud, bright, garish and outdated colours or decorated with tacky kiddie print all over them or animal faces/details, fairies or childish themes. We found many products were cheaply made and lacked a sense of design and practicality. So we set out to make a minimalist silicone tableware in colours to please even the pickiest design snob.

We have created a collection of tableware uncluttered, simple and stylistically pure with fashion, art and interior design in mind. Visually appealing to adults while designed for children, our tableware can be both elegant and functional. We have made a complete range of products for all ages, starting from the early stage of parent led weaning to when they are independent and can eat and drink by their own. They are made for kids but don´t feel made for kids. They look very similar to the "grown-up" dishes we already have in the kitchen. We really wanted our tableware to not be an eyesore and instead complement kitchen colour palettes of today.


So if you´re sick of a cupboard filled with mismatched plastic bowls covered in superheroes, then our tableware is perfect for you. If you’ve been on the hunt for child-friendly table ware that are functional, safe and aesthetically pleasing, then look no further.  Our range of contemporary Scandinavian minimalistic design, non-toxic, BPA-and-cartoon-character-free silicone dinnerware for kids has been made for parents like you. Sure, we designed them for the little ones, but let’s be honest: it’s really for those of us who want to bring a little style and simplicity back to the dinner table.

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